Happy New Year 3

Happy new year to all ten of my readers! This post isn’t quite as sad as it seems though as New Year’s Eve is normally such a let down that I’ll be going out tomorrow instead. Have a good one everyone.

Black Pudding, Apple, Celeriac, Walnuts 3

Black Pudding, Apple, Celeriac, Walnuts
As could be guessed from previous posts I normally have a freezer full of black pudding and I’m always looking for new things to do with it; I knew I wanted to pair the sausage with apples so I took inspiration from the classic flavour combination present in a Waldorf Salad when deciding what else ...

Japanese Soba Noodle Soup With Mackerel

Japanese Soba Noodle Soup With Mackerel
I’ve written before about how the synergy between various ingredients that are high in the umami producing molecules (glumates, inosates and guanylates) works and this dish is another attempt to try to maximise that interaction. Of all cultures Japan has turned working with umami into an artform so I decided to make a noodle soup ...

Chapter One

It’s been around four or five years since I last ate in Chapter One and then it was to avail of their excellent pre-theatre deal which is still running even though many in their place would be tempted to get rid of it upon gaining a Michelin star. The food was excellent on that occasion ...